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Movie Car Posters

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Thanks for dropping by my page! My name is Kevin and I guess I'm what you'd call a replica vehicle enthusiast. That's just a fancy way of saying I'm a nerd who likes nerdmobiles. I've got this movie/tv/replica car club here in town. We have about a dozen members, and back in November I was trying to think of something real fun that I could give them for Christmas to say "thanks for being great."

Then, out of the blue, a bunch of users on a forum I frequent starts posting some awesome vintage-looking racing posters for classic and iconic cars. Those little posters were so freaking rad that I tried my hand at one and realized that they are really fun to make. As soon as I'd made cars for everyone in the group, people started suggesting other famous movie cars. Well, I thought, if I'm going to have an Ecto-1, I might as well have a DeLorean. If I have a DeLorean poster I might as well make one for the A-Team van. Before I know it, it's 3am and I have created more designs than there are cars in the club. An here I am now, approaching 60 designs!

I'm not an artist, the last time I ever took a class involving Photoshop or Illustrator was my senior year, 2002. This collection is just a neat little thing that I did for some friends that I decided to make available to the public for fun. If I can sell some posters so that I can take my wife to dinner and go-karts once a month and so that you have a neat little poster in your cubicle or dorm room, then I'd say this site is exactly as successful as I'd expect it to be.

New designs are on their way and will become available whenever I can upload them. Suggestions and requests are always welcome (please don't pay me for a request unless I have a completed design)!